Sunday, August 23, 2009


I have been bidding on a few canvases on EBay, and I won! My mom is really interested in having me do as many basset hound pillows as possible. I have one basset canvas that I showed you in my first post- with the rust orange background. (I will never call it Burnt Orange! Gig 'em). The canvas that I won on EBay is from Liz (Tapestry Tent). I love it!! When it arrived in the mail, I was surprised to see how large it really is and how rich the detail is. I'm sooo excited to stitch it!

The next auction that I won is for two schnauzer canvases. My in- laws have two rescued schnauzers who have replaced my husband and his brother as their "children". One schnauzer canvas is a Barbara Russell design, which looks more masculine, and the other canvas, which looks more feminine, is from a designer with whom I am not familiar. I will post pictures when they arrive.

I am in a bit of a dilemma with my eBay purchases however. I told my needlepoint teacher this Saturday during class that I purchased my basset on EBay. Then I told her I purchased the schnauzer canvases, and the tape on the edges said the canvases came from Chaparral. She looked very unhappy. Apparently at one of the seminars she has been to, one of the speakers said that EBay has caused some shops to go out of business. I am not so sure that I really buy this argument. When you look at EBay, most of the canvases are not the hand-painted by a known designer variety, they are plastic. Also, if the shops were so upset about people who over buy their canvases taking them to an online store to consign them, as was the case with the schnauzer canvases, why don't they offer some sort of consignment program? I think, personally, that EBay would help shops that would embrace it. EBay would allow shops to sell their "unwanted" inventory to a wider audience. Tell me what you think about EBay and its affect on needlework shops.


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