Saturday, August 15, 2009

George and Martha

I have started the George and Martha canvases that I purchased from the Petei trunk show at Chaparral in Houston. These two are part of the Petei "Patriotic" category. Last September, during Hurricane Ike, while the whole city of Houston was out of power, I finished working on Uncle Sam and I started- and almost completed- Betsy Ross. What not having power will do for your stitching progress! These are pictures of Unlce Sam and Betsy followed by pictures of George and Martha.

I've finished George's pants and socks, and now I'm working on his coat. His socks are done in Impressions and his coat will be stitched in Very Velvet. George's pants are stitche in Au Ver A Soie, which is a new thread to me. The only shop in Houston that carries it is Chandail on West Gray. It is sooo easy to stitch with and has a really lovely sheen- just perfect for the britches of our first president!

Sorry for the unrotated image! I don't know how to rotate them on blogspot!

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