Sunday, November 29, 2009


I've been busy the past few weeks!! Lots of finished pieces! and lots of news! For the news part, I am going to be moving from Houston to Columbia, SC. My husband got a job with a company who is providing us with great health insurance, a paycheck, and other great benefits. We are going to be renting a house, and Molly will get a great back yard. Needlepoint wise, I am not excited about this because there are no shops and no ANG guild in Columbia!!! But South Carolina is small, relative to Texas, great shops are only a few hours away. (2 or 3 hours is no big deal to drive here in Texas.) I will continue to frequent the shops here in Houston, and help plan Seminar 2011 for ANG. Also, I hope to start the Kelly Clark Twelve Days of Christmas series from Pocket Full of Stitches in Lubbock.

Although, I am a licensed attorney here in Texas, it has been really hard for me to find a job. The oil and gas market collapsed in March, so I lost the job I did have and have not found another one. I am hoping that in the early part of 2010, my boss will have more work for me to do, and that way I can help my family financially and support my needlepoint addiction on my own again!! I will be taking the SC bar in July 2010 to hopefully gain full time lawyer employment in there. Please pray for my husband and me for a smooth transition to South Carolina.

As for needlepoint finishes, I've done a lot!!!

I've finally finished my name tag for the Lone Star chapter of the American Needlepoint Guild. (I know, I know, as I am leaving)

My next finish is the girl-themed schnauzer canvas for my mother-in-law. She has two schnauzers, a boy and a girl, and this is supposed to represent the girl. It has very girlie pink sparkle neon rays! It is one of the two schnauzer canvases I got from eBay for $15 total.

This is the second Schnauzer canvas, more boy themed, that I am going to start next.

This next canvas, the "O Come", is a great Christmas piece I got at Chandail Needlework here in Houston. It is a Prairie Schooler design that was originally part of a cross stitched series, but I suppose they turned the series into needlepoint canvases. This is the canvas for which I got the Planet Earth Threads from the Quilt Festival. I am very excited to start this one too. And it's a great Christmas themed piece.

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