Monday, November 30, 2009

Schanuzer update and PFOS

This Thanksgiving, as is the case for every Thanksgiving, there was lots to be thankful for. I am thankful for my husband, my dog, my health, etc. Normally, Travis and I spend Thanksgiving with my family, but this Thanksgiving we spent our holiday in Amarillo with Travis' family. In Amarillo, besides all of the feasting, Travis, his mom, and I were able to take a great trip to Lubbock on Wednesday. Lubbock is the home of Texas Tech University (hissss) and a great needlepoint shop named Pocket Full of Stitches. It was AMAZING!

PFOS was not the only reason to go to Lubbock. We left Amarillo at 7am and drove two hours so my day could start by going to the week's Bible Study Fellowship class that I missed because we were traveling to Amarillo on Tuesday. (Bible Study Fellowship is an international organization that teaches the same class with the same materials all throughout the world, so it is really easy to go to a class as a guest if you are visiting.) During BSF, Travis and his mom went to Starbucks and bonded a bit until they picked me up. After BSF, we went to PFOS. I thought we had some great shops here in Houston, but honestly the thread selection in Lubbock was out of this world. They had threads that were not being carried in Houston anymore, such as Felicity's Garden and Oriental Linen. Also, they had a lot of Access Commodities threads like Au Ver A Soie and Trezibond. The canvas selection, I believe, is better in Houston, but the thread selection definitely beats all the shops. The only shop that would come close is Chandail.

I think I am a needlepointer who is in love with threads and a variety of them too. I like the different textures and looks you get with each kind. I have a few of my favorites like Burmilana, Bella Lusso, and Splendor, but I do love to try new ones. At PFOS, only with the help of the nice ladies, I was finally able to settle on threads for my boy Schnauzer canvas. I also picked up some threads for my O Come canvas: vineyard merino and watercolors. I think I was walking around the store like a chicken with my head cut off because there was so much to see, but I loved every minute of it.

This is a picture of my threads for the boy schnauzer: Panache, Petit Very Velvet, Baroque Silk, Bella Lusso, Oriental Linen, Sheep's Silk, and Felicity' Garden.

The O Come threads:

After PFOS, we all had lunch at McAllister's Deli, home of the most amazing sweet tea and a favorite when I lived in College Station for college. On the way back to Amarillo, we stopped at the JCPenny outlet for my mother-in-law, and we made it home by 4.

I will leave you with a picture of the "boy schnauzer".

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