Friday, November 6, 2009

Texas A&M Corps of Cadets Sq-16 "Falcon Sixteen" Crest

My husband and I went to Texas A&M University (both class of '05- Whoop!), and a big part of A&M both currently and in the past is the Corps of Cadets. It's optional to join the Corps now, for both men and women, but it used to be the case that all of the men in the all-male school had to join the Corps. (Women were not admitted to A&M until the 1970's, and the University used to be all-male and all-military.) My husband chose to join the Corps, and the outfit he chose to join was Squadron 16. When we were about to graduate, I visited Aggieland Depot, an A&M themed store with T-shirts, etc, and found a cross stitch pattern for the crest of his outfit. That was in 2005. I started this piece originally in cross stitch on aida cloth, but once I discovered needlepoint, that quickly changed.

The final piece is on 18 count canvas with Silk and Ivory threads. The pattern is by Pam Johnson. The whole piece is tent stitched, which took FOREVER. But I think it looks good now, so it was worth it! In retrospect, I probably should have chosen a 13 count canvas for Silk and Ivory threads because the holes filled up quickly and it was sometimes hard to pull the thread through. But I still love it and he does too and that is all that counts!


  1. SQ16 Class of '05 here... Gig Em'

  2. Hi - Falcon Class of '14 here! I was wondering if you still had the pattern for this? I would love to make it for some of my buddies for graduation!!