Monday, February 15, 2010

Boy Schnauzer- update!

Hi All!

In mid-January, I accepted a contract oil and gas job back in Houston, soooo I moved back! I am living with my parents now while I work. My DH and puppy are still in South Carolina. :( Because of work and catching up with friends, I have not been able to get a lot of needlepointing in. Recently though, I am making more of an effort to needlepoint and more of an effort to watch the Olympics. I LOVE the Olympics! I think I love the winter games better than the summer games, which is really odd considering Houston gets one "snowfall" every few years. I love how the winter games involve very few team sports, very few overly popular athletes, and the beautiful places.

I am also making 2010 a year to change. In addition to my stitching resolutions, I want to loose weight, become more fit, take better care of myself inside and out, and focus on me in general. I know that sounds very selfish, but I do not have kids and I want to look my best for my confidence and for my DH. I know I would feel better about myself if I could accomplish even half of my goals. I am not about to Heidi Montag myself, but I do want to get my teeth whitened (which I will do when I loose 20 pounds), laser some places, get more frequent hair cuts, and maybe even lasik. We shall see what January 2011 brings. Hopefully a better me. Anyways, I digress. Back to the stitching!

Here is a picture of my boy schnauzer after only a few days of Olympic stitching.

Almost done! A few more stitches on his face, a few more rows of wheat stitch in turquoise, and I will have to go to Carolyn's class for the beige area. I am thinking about a mosaic stitch. Hum?? Any thoughts on what to stitch in the beige area?

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