Monday, February 22, 2010

More pieces for the Olympics of Stitching

I am stuck on the schnauzer canvas because I need a new skein of thread to fill in holes on his face. I can't go to my needlepoint shop until the weekend, so I have had to think of other projects to occupy my needlepoint time.

I went back to an oldie but a goodie- Marie Antoinette. And of course, I am stuck on this one too because I cannot decide if I like the purple Kreink on the skirt hem or if I want to bead the purple areas. Also, I forgot my stitch guide in SC, so I need to go back to class to finish up the cuffs and hair (and to get an opinion about the hem). Here is the progress on her so far:

I also started the Kathy Schenkel mini sock I purchased from Chaparral in December. Here is a picture of my start so far. I also realized for this one that I do not have the necessary thread for the background, so I will have to get that this weekend as well.



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