Sunday, March 21, 2010

Charleston, part deux


I went to visit my hubby in Columbia the week of March 8th. We had a blast! We also got a lot of things done that needed to be done, which was great. I got my car registered in South Carolina (including paying the property tax on it), almost finished the taxes, unpacked the last few boxes, organized, got my South Carolina driver's license, and went to Charleston. Even though I am back in Texas for the time being, it was important for me to get my car and license in South Carolina so I can have everything all in one place and not straddle the fence between two states. I needed to get new plates and a new registration sticker in Texas and transfer the title of my car to my name instead of my dad's, so I just decided it would be easier to take care of everything all in one day. I also was able to take Molly to Gregg Animal Hospital to get her a vet there in case she gets sick, and Dr. Gregg gave us the referral we needed to take Molly to an eye specialist. She is going on March 25th.

Travis and I visited Charleston twice! We ate at the Southend brewery (amazing pizza), Hominy Grill (famous for their shrimp and grits- yum!), drank coffee at Baked on East Bay Street, and ate crabcakes at Carolina's. We also got to visit the Exchange building on Broad Street. We took a tour and loved every minute of it!. The building was a post office, played host to President Washington on his tour of the new United States, held prisoners for the British, and served as the customs office. It is beautiful and a must see when you go to Charleston. We tried to see St. Phillip's church on Broad and Meeting streets, but it was raining that day and the church closed early- so next time! Both days we got to Charleston a bit late because of Travis' work, so we were limited in time but got a lot accomplished. We also shopped a bit on King Street. I got my Jurlique moisturizer that I love and Travis got new shoes.

I also could not let the trip go by without taking at least a peek in the needlepoint shops. At Cabbage Row on Broad Street, Travis bought me the beautiful sitting lab canvas by Tapestry Tent. The lab is sitting exactly the way Molly sits with one paw tucked. It is so beautiful!

At It's a Stitch on St. John's Island, I got these two canvases.

A Melissa Shirley for my mom and her Scottish Santa collection:

And a Rebecca Wood sheep of the month for my house. Travis loved these little sheep, so I am doing them for us. Finally, a few pieces stitched for us and not to give away.

I forgot to take a picture of the finished mini sock before it went to the finishers, so you all will see it when it comes back. Here is a picture however of my progress on the Patty Paints House.

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