Sunday, March 14, 2010

flit flit


I am having a hard time deciding what to start next. I know I talked about the Texas Santa, but I decided that I needed at least one or two other projects to work on as well. I found this in my stash with most of the threads that I purchased from a while ago. I thought I would start it now. This is a hard piece even though it is so small. I bought this Patty Paints canvas to stitch for my Grandma Nancy in Pennsylvania. She quilted, sewed, painted, wrote beautiful letters, cooked wonderful candy, etc. I still have the baby blanket and pillow she quilted for me. I love when I think about all of the beautiful things she did for me. Unfortunately, she died in October of 2008, before I got to even put one stitch into this canvas. I am only now able to work on it, and I will give it to my Aunt Dawn. Maybe framed or maybe in a tray.

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