Sunday, April 18, 2010

Charleston, Part Trois

In case you all can't tell, I love Charleston. It is definitely a place that is worth the trip no matter where you live. So beautiful and full of history that it's too much for words.

Battery Park

A Charleston Shingle House

Looking down Broad Street

I love the culture, the people, and the sights here. It's totally different than the rest of South Carolina. I feel that Charleston is more cosmopolitan, hip, and has more to offer (attractions, restaurants, jobs) than the rest of the state. Although my DH had to work, I did manage to snag him away for an hour to get coffee and a slice of Nestle Tollhouse pie at Kaminsky's on N. Market street. And for a bonus, I got to have lunch with a great friend from high school who moved to Charleston to go to college.

No trip to Charleston could be complete, however, without a trip to It's a Stitch! I only puchased one canvas, which was good. It's the September sheep from Rebecca Wood to complement my July sheep.

Also, to round out this post, I have a picture of my progress on my Silver Needle Charleston ornament. Since this picture, I have taken out the Neon Rays on the pink house to the far left and the green house. I think I am going to substitute it with Planet Earth 6-ply strandable silk.

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