Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Molly's Surgery

Molly had her eye surgery yesterday. I flew into South Carolina from Houston to be with her and DH (and to pay for the surgery!). Even though Columbia is the capitol of SC, there is nothing there, so the nearest dog eye specialist is in Charlotte, NC (only about 1.5 hours away). So DH and I drove to Charlotte with our puppy. Everything went ok. The doctor is concerned that the tumor went deeper into her cornea than he originally saw, so he is not sure if she will develop further complications from that or not. She is resting next to me now, but she was really active today and wanted to play. The vet tech said that when she went into recovery after the surgery, she was wrapped in a blanket with an IV in her paw, but as soon as the tech turned around, Molly unwrapped herself from the blanket and pulled out the IV!! My little Houdini!

While we waited for her to go into and come out of surgery, Travis and I had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory at the South Park Mall. We used to always go to Cheesecake in Houston. However, since we moved, we have not been, so this was a perfect opportunity to go. Also, the weather was so beautiful, so we ate outside. Then we walked the really nice mall, went to Nordstrom's (which is nicer in some respects than the Houston one but still lacking in other aspects), and then we went to Po's Point.

Po's is a needlepoint shop in Charlotte, but their address is wrong on Google maps, so you have to call for directions. They are actually only a block away from the mall in a really, really nice shopping plaza. Po's is a nice little shop to visit. They truly are little. The thread selection, while nice, cannot compare to the thread selection at the shops in Houston or at It's a Stitch in Charleston. They didn't have threads like Burmilana, but they did have Vineyard Silk. The canvas selection was very nice and varied. The atmosphere was new, modern, and homey, and they had a large table and butcher block in the store to help with classes and packaging. Po's overall really did a lot with the small space they have. I would definitely go back if I was ever in Charlotte again. What I found to be really interesting are the shopping bags. What a lovely, reusable idea! Definitely a plus!

I did find a few canvases that I liked, but I decided on this one:

That's all for now. Please pray and send good thoughts to Molly!

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