Sunday, June 13, 2010

Stitching Goals

I decided that because this was the half way point in 2010, I should check my progress on my New Year's stitching resolutions. Here they are again with the pieces completed italicized and bolded:

1) O Come canvas
2) Patty Paints George and Martha- a huge canvas!
3) Boy Schnauzer
4) one Kelly Clark piece- maybe the Noah's ark or my Texas Santa that I have in my stash
5) 2 Rebecca Wood Ornaments- 1 left (september sheep)
6) Liz/ Tapestry Tent Basset Hound- eBay canvas!
7) Melissa Shirley Cardinal (part of an 8 bird series she came out with a year or so ago)
8) 3-4 pieces of my choice- Patty Paints House, Mini Sock, Charleston Round, Scottish Santa

Everything is coming along well!! Almost half-way through my resolutions!

I also turned in a lot of finishing for the Chaparral's annual finishing sale. Hopefully that will come back in the next few months and I can post pictures.

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