Thursday, August 12, 2010

Trip to Dallas and Finishing

Great news!!!  Travis got transferred to Dallas!!!  No more Columbia, South Carolina! Whoop!!!  I am sooooo pumped!!!  The weekend of the 7th, I went to Dallas to look at houses and apartments for rent.  And of course, I had to check out the needlepoint shops in Dallas.  I started with Creative Stitches and Gifts.  I love it!  They have a very helpful staff, lots of fibers, and diverse canvases.  They had all of the major designers and all of the major fibers (vineyard silk, bella russo, impressions, etc).  I am still partial to Chaparral and Chandail, but this might be a very good substitute in Dallas.  In Columbia, there are no shops, and the nearest one in an hour and half away.  Ick.  I have been visiting the shops in Charleston mostly whenever I came to see DH, even though I did visit the Needle and Canvas in Spartanburg once.  I am very excited to be with my hubby in Dallas!

At Creative Stitches, they had a fiber by The Pure Palette called Empress that I simply had to try.  It's a merino, cashmere, and silk blend, and it is HEAVENLY.  I love stitching with it.  I, of course, found a cool canvas that I had to get- a Kathy Schenkle A&M stocking!  Here it is stitched up a bit.  I am doing the whole background in tent, and possibly all of the lettering as well.  I am not too sure about a stitch for the footballs yet. 

In other news, the June finishing sale a Chaparral cleaned me out!!  Look at what I got finished!  Nine pieces in all.  Yikes!   But now my to-finish pile is a lot smaller!  Here are the familiar faces from my previous blog posts. 

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