Sunday, September 19, 2010


The picture!!

I'm sure you all remember that picture from the last post!

I have written a list of all of the canvases that I have just to make myself accountable:

Pink Angel
Liz Basset Hound
Blue Rug
A&M stocking
Melissa shirley cardinal
Melissa shirley madonna
Marie Antoinette
Alabama A
October sheep
Melissa shirley scottish santa
Kelly Clark texas basket
Kelly Clark stitching santa
A&M santa
George and Martha
Liz Lab
Kelly Clark present topiary
Christmas lab round
St. Francis
Counted canvas heart
Chrismons- 2-3

I really want to have Joy, Alabama A, October Sheep, A&M stocking, and Pink Angel done by the end of the year.  Finishing those would take my list down to 19, but then I do have my chaparral discount that I need to use by the end of the year.  I would like to get the A&M seal, another Prairie Schooler design, and a squirrel canvas.  We shall see.

Seeing this list, and based on the fact that I get about 10-12 canvases done each year, it will take me two years to get through all of these.  I am resolving now to not buy another canvas in 2011.   Lets see if I can make it!

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