Friday, September 17, 2010

Progress on the Angel and A&M Stocking

Here are pictures of my progress on my ongoing projects:

The pink angel: 

All I have left now is the shoes, the hair, a bit of a topiary, and beading!

The A&M stocking:

The thread color is really a maroon, and not quite as dark as the photo suggests.

The ribbon around the pink angel is ribbon that I purchased on my recent trip to France!  I got it in a small shop in Versailles, a suburb of Paris.  I have never seen, outside of the Ribbonry at the Chaparral, so many beautiful and unique ribbons.  I also purchased these:  one navy and white for the 4th of July, one gray, one green for an as yet undetermined project, and one cream with daisies.  They all caught my eye for one reason or another. 

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