Saturday, July 9, 2011

Needlepoint, Reading, and Life

Starting with a bit of upsetting news... Molly had to have a second eye surgery.  Her tumor started to grow back in her eye, and the doctor in Dallas reccommended that she have surgery as soon as possible.  As I am typing this, Molly is recovering from the surgery that she had on Thursday.  She did really well.  The doctor said the surgery went well.  He had to laser the tumor and then freeze it, which was one more step than the last surgery.  She went in at 7:30 am on Thursday the 7th, and we picked her up at 5.  She came out wearing a horrid cone!  Poor baby.  We got her a comfy cone to replace the hard, white one that she came home with.  She is recovering well, even though she hates the eye drops.  

On to the happier news, I broke my "no canvases for 2011" rule and got one canvas from Creative Stitches and Gifts here in Dallas.  It is so cute!!  It will be my Dallas canvas and will not travel with me.  It will be what I work on when I am here.  Perfect to honor Molly.  It will go on her crate during Christmas.  

I have started a new book, The Friday Night Knitting Club.  It has taken me a while to get into it.  I seem to have a problem balancing reading and needlepointing... you can't do both at once!  I am also running too!  3-4 miles per day.  I go back to Houston tomorrow, but Molly will stay here in Dallas.  I will miss my sweet princess, but I know DH will take care of her well.  

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