Saturday, October 8, 2011

October Sheep

I have started my October goal of stitching the October Sheep by Rebecca Wood.  I have chosen to stitch it with lovely pumpkin colored Impressions on the background, fluffy fleece for the sheep, and Painter's Thread for the purple hat.  All of the stitches are by Carolyn Baird at the Chaparral.  Here is a picture of the threads before the canvas was started.

The Rainbow Linen for the broom handle and the Silk Lame braid for the lettering will be so amazing to work with.  I love Silk Lame, and I am glad it has come out in more colors over the years.  This will be the third sheep of the month in my collection.  I have July, September, and October.  I think that next year I will have to get the rest.  They are very easy to stitch and are a quick finish.  Here is my progress already.  

The picture below is of Carolyn's new book "Needlepointing in Your Nest".  The background stitch used came from this book.

For old times sake, here is a picture of my Roll Tide &more pillow.  It's really coming along.  I have all of the lettering completed with memory wire; I just have to wrap it now with black thread.  

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