Sunday, November 27, 2011

October Sheep and Joy

I finished my October sheep on November 21st!  21 days later than I had hoped, but still will within the Halloween/ Thanksgiving/ Fall window.  Now it's on to Christmas stitching!  I don't like to kick Christmas projects off too early, but I think a few days before Thanksgiving is ok.

I have really enjoyed working on the sheep series, and I think I will order more next year.  The fact that I have not completed all 12 months within 12 months tells me that I would not really have the time to sign up for one of the series most needlepoint shops offer.  Not to mention the expense of the kits every month.  Maybe in few years...

Thanksgiving went really well.  My mom hosted our whole family for dinner.  She had recently replaced all of the old kitchen appliances in her house (from 1989!), and she replaced the oven/microwave combo with a double oven.  It was amazing!!  In my future house, I really really want a double oven.  I was able to make two batches of sweet potatoes and green beans in one oven and a turkey and two batches of stuffing in the next oven.  AWESOME!  The whole cooking process went really smoothly and painlessly.  I even liked the warming feature in the lower oven.  Earlier that morning, I ran the Turkey Trot near the Galleria.  I only ran the 5k and not the 10k, but I think next year I will be able to run the 10k again ( I ran the 10k in 2010).  We will not talk about the A&M/ Texas game- yikes!

I will leave you all with a picture of the Christmas canvas I am working on.. "Joy" by Raymond Crawford.  I have talked to you all about it before, but as a re-cap, "Joy"'s sister piece "Noel" was on the cover of the December 2009 Needlepoint Now magazine, so I am following that stitch guide with modifications to accommodate the difference in the letters.

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