Sunday, February 19, 2012

Total Organization!

Elfa sales at the Container Store are very dangerous.   I have been an organizing fool!  One of my needlepoint friends at Chandial was talking about her new Elfa system in her needlepoint room.  Around Christmas, all of us were invited to go to her house for a gathering, and she showed all of us her great needlepoint room!  There were three sets of Elfa shelves with drawers on the bottom half and a rod on the upper half to hang canvases.  My friend's system was perfect!  You could have more shelves or drawers depending on what kinds of canvases you have, and you can always add to the Elfa system.  One of the interesting ideas she had was to put all of the cards in boxes like these.  

They are inserts that go into a plastic box made by the same company.  And they inserts are just the right size for thread cards.  I used to have all of my threads in FlossAway bags on rings by color, but it was getting harder and harder to store them.  I think taking the cards out makes it easier.  When I am thinking of what thread to use in a certain area, I will think of Neon Rays and then go find the color, so this make sense to me to have the thread cards in a separate box.  

All of my threads in a skein are still in FlossAway bags organized by color.  

Next, I had to purchase and assemble the Elfa.  This is where the sale comes in!  I went to the Container Store and designed my system based on my friend's with a designer, and this is what the finished product looks like!

I have not hung my canvases yet, but my stash is actually smaller than I thought.  One set of Elfa shelves is perfect for it.  I have a large 3 runner drawer on the bottom for kits and unfinished projects.  I have a 2 runner drawer for buttons, beads, blank canvas, etc.  Next is a jewelry tray for Kreinik by size and needles.  Then my boxes with thread cards and stretcher bars.  On top of my closet rod, I have all my thread boxes.  I think the next items to organize will be stretcher bars and beads.  

I still go into my craft room to check and see if my Elfa is still there!


  1. Beautiful! I hope you enjoy your new organized stash.

  2. Wow! I like your system. I wish I had a system. I keep trying to take over the man cave, but the men aren't budging!

  3. I can't believe how perfectly the kreinik fit into the jewelry tray! Great job organizing and I love your Easter eggs.

  4. This is a great idea! Thanks for sharing...we are always in need of better ways to store our goodies!

  5. Great job. Enjoy being able to find things instantly!

  6. I used to work at the Container Store--what a great use of elfa. Also, is that a Po's Point bag I see? Are you in Charlotte?