Friday, April 6, 2012

The Labrador Inn and St. Francis

Happy Easter and Happy Passover!  This weekend has been so lovely.  Lots of time with DH and Molly and lots of sunshine!  I have been busy stitching the past week and had one finish!  Chewy!!!  I was so excited when I finished him in Wednesday's class that I completely forgot to take a picture.  His little teeth were so cute too!  I will snap a few pictures when he comes home fully finished.  While on the subject of finished pieces, my "Babies Sleeping" sign has not come back from the finisher.  I am a bit concerned, but hopefully I will hear something in the next week or two.  In the mean time I am plugging away on this new piece (I know, I know...).

A close up of the background is below.  This has been the most difficult stitch I have done to-date because I cannot find a pattern.  I know there is one, but for some reason, I cannot see it.  The stitch guide was by Emily at Chandail, and I love it!  I needed to stretch my needlepoint wings, so I am glad for some hard stitches.  

I have also been working on him.

I love this Patty Paints St. Francis piece because of it's simplicity, the dogs, the religious element, and because I got it on sale at Chaparral.  I have been having a good time stitching it too.  It's a lot smaller and the stitches are so unique yet easier than the Labrador Inn.  I love it!  

I leave you with a picture of my Labrador!

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  1. The Labrador Inn background looks great. I always figure out the pattern right before the last stitch. St. Francis looks good. I always wanted to do St. Jude(patron saint of lost causes). Can't wait to see your finishing. If you are frustrated with your finisher, I have a very reliable one. Happy Easter!