Saturday, May 12, 2012


So my shopping did not end with the last post... neither did my stitching.

Carolyn has a really great Facebook page called "Needlepointing in Your Nest", which is also the name of her newest book.  She posts stitches, ideas for canvases, and new canvases Chaparral has just gotten into the store.  When I saw this puppy, which I think is technically a Havanese, I knew I had to get it for my Grandma.  My Grandma is going to be 91, and she lives with a Shih tzu named Panda who has always had a puppy cut and not a show cut.  The dog on this canvas looks exactly like her.

I love all of the soft threads. The spiked comb in the lower right corner is going to be used to fluff up the burmilana once it's all stitched in long and short.  I think I will frame this one and, hopefully, give it to my Grandma for her birthday in August.  I think a frame will work well because the last piece I gave her was a pillow, and she keeps it in a plastic bag to protect it!  So I think a frame will be the best.  

I also have a finish that came back from the finisher....


He is sooo handsome, but a little skinny because he had to be rounded out to make both sides touch.  I love him!  

With all of my in-flow, which is now greater than my out-flow, I do have one finished piece. 

This Christmas sweater was chosen by my sister to be her first piece.  I think the stitch guide was too complex, not her fault or the writer's fault, for her to really enjoy it.  So I took it and finished it within a weekend.  I love pieces like that.  My "Babies Sleeping" was like that.  Oh, I did get that one back from the finisher so no worries there. This sweater had lots of Vineyard Silk Merino which was really fun to work with.  Below is a picture of the sweater up to where my sister stopped.  

Lots of needlepoint happening in my house! 


  1. Chewy is fantastic, wonderful stitching and I love the sweater. Who does your finishing?

  2. Spinning Wheel in Houston does most of the finishing. But I am anxious to try out different finishers.