Saturday, August 11, 2012

Grandma's birthday gift

This past Friday was my Friday off from work.  My work schedule is a 9/80, which means that I work 9 days every two weeks and over those 9 days at least 80+ hours.  I love my Fridays off because I am able to do things without taking vacation time and do things that I would not normally be able to do.  One thing that I am not normally able to do is take stitching classes during the day.  My Grandma's birthday is coming up this week (91!!) and when I saw this canvas, I knew I had to do it for her.  I had pretty much reached a standstill on this canvas once I got to the puppy's head.  I was not sure which colors would go where and when to stop the Romanian stitch, so I took a class from Carolyn Baird on Friday morning and then again this morning.  I have moved past the impasse! Finishing victory is in sight!

This week, I have been in a mad stitching frenzy trying to finish this up- but not so mad that I am not enjoying myself!

This is where I was in July.....

This is where I was a few days ago.....


Today.....I think the Olympics have really helped my stitching progress in the past few weeks.  I love watching all of the athletes in top form accomplishing amazing things in their sports.  

Back to stitching!!! 


  1. Cute canvas and great stitching, your Grandma is going to love it!

  2. this looks great! what a special birthday gift!

  3. Thank you all for your sweet comments! Carolyn rocks stitch guides!

  4. This is incredible! What stitches and threads did you use for the body? I love the Paper Russell canvases from DJ Designs. I have all their Cavalier paper products and need to do their Cavalier canvas.