Friday, August 10, 2012

MIA- for too long

The last time I posted,  I was working on St. Francis and about to go to Tony's class at the end of May. It is so hard to believe that the summer is almost over.  I am sorry for my absence, and I am pledging to be a more regular blogger from here on out.  I think I got overwhelmed this summer between working and spending every waking moment not working either traveling, planning to travel, or stitching furiously.

I have had so many stitching changes, it will take a few blog posts to get through them, but I am excited to write each post and re-live each moment.

First, I will start with the finishes!!

May I present..... St. Francis!!!  I am very glad he is finished.  He is a Patty Paints canvas that was really kind of plain, so he wound up in the sale room.  But I love it!  and I have to thank Emily, who used to own Chandail, and Gayle, who teaches at Chaparral on Thursday, for the great stitch selections.  They really brighten up the canvas, and the best part is that I had never done two of them before. The two new stitches are Serendipity for the robe and Staggered Mosaic for the sky.  Both are from Stitches to Go.  The animals were the hardest part, especially the orange cat.  He was very difficult to do anything creative to because he had so many stripes, but he is stitched, and it's not coming out!

My next finish is my sister's Alabama angel!  It is so fitting that I am posting this today because she just moved into her dorm today to start her first semester at school.  I miss her already, and it is really hard being without her.  One advantage of today's world is that she is always only a cell phone call or email or text away.  I am looking forward to seeing her soon.  I took Stephanie's suggestion, from and used Weeks Dye Works thread to get the highlighted look into the angel's hair.  I used Swiss Chocolate because my sister's hair is highlighted to be very light.  

My next finishes are a result of a class... until next time!


  1. She's back! So good to hear from you. Let's keep it going. Your needlepoint looks great.

  2. So glad you are back! Loved your blog and missed hearing about your projects