Sunday, October 28, 2012

Candy Cane Finish

I finished the Candy Cane last week!!

I beaded the "Bama" and used Kreinik ribbon on the thin stripes. Patti Montgomery Phillip, who is a member of the Needlepoint group on Facebook, inspired me to turn this in and have it backed with houndstooth fabric!  I can't wait to see it!  I am not sure if any of you all do this, but I am REALLY bad about finishing a piece but not turning it in to have it finished in final, usable form. Along with my canvas challenge, I will start turning in one piece as soon as I get one back.  That should really help cut the stack down- pieces from 2009 are in the pile.  Yikes!

Along with the Aggie Santa, I have started this Melissa Shirley cardinal acorn.

For a canvas finishing update, I have finished the squirrel cracker, the Shih-tsu, one side of the feathers, and the candy cane.  In honor of finishing 3 pieces, I did buy one.  This is a Shivering Sheep 3-D pet house.  It says on the roof "in a perfect world, every home would have a pet and every pet would have a home."  

So now I have to finish two more before I can get another canvas.  This challenge is definitely making a dent into my stash, which is good.  Until next week!



  1. Love your stuff! Although I think I am probably worse than you about taking things to be finished...I'd rather just keep stitching so I spend my money on another canvas! LOL To date, I have almost 100 completed pieces that need to go to a finisher.

    Happy Stitching! Check out my blog if you have time. Do you shop at Dhaparral in Houston?


    1. HI Suzanne! I agree with you! I'd rather spend my money on canvases! I do shop at Chaparral! It's a great store! Love the thread selection and canvases- not to mention the ribbons!

  2. Love the Bama candy cane. I am candy cane crazy myself. I have three or four to give for Christmas presents. Can't wait to see more.