Sunday, October 7, 2012

Turkey and Candy Cane

The Turkey is almost done!  One side of feathers is complete!!  Now on to the last side and then I will finish the last 2 sides to the breast.

As a bit of a breather from the Turkey, the next project is a Candy Cane!  An Alabama one!  I really need to get more A&M pieces....

After looking at these pictures and the color of Fyre Werks that I used, I am not convinced that I like it well enough to continue.  I am thinking about changing to SL08, which is a Silk Lame that matches the red paint on the canvas more closely.  I will decide tonight and post pictures soon.

We decided on a new place to live... one floor up!  It has more natural light and we won't be on the first floor anymore.  We missed the Summer inventory because of the timing of our lease, so there were really slim picking with rental houses.  Next year, our lease will expire during the summer, so we will either buy a house or rent a house.  


  1. Great stitching on your turkey, I really like all the different stitches and colors.

  2. How fun, looks great and full of whimsy!

  3. Love your cute blog...always fun to see fabulous stitching! I learn so much. :)