Sunday, February 3, 2013

2013 Goals

My goal for this year is 12 finishes, which is one per month.  I accomplished 13 last year (2012) and roughly the same amount in 2011.  This year I would like to complete:

KS Bama Mini Sock
Painted Pony A&M and DZ angels
DJ Designs Lab with Ball
Cooper Oaks Labrador Inn
Elizabeth Turner Blue Rug

That's 6- so we will see where the wind takes me with the other 5.  As a stretch goal, I would really like to finish my stocking.  Lots to do! But so much fun!

I like to set stitching goals, not to stress myself out, but to have a sense of purpose and feeling of accomplishment when I look back on the year.  I am excited to see how many stash canvses I can clean out this year too!

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