Saturday, June 22, 2013

Small pieces

There is so much satisfaction working on small pieces. So much of the piece gets done quickly. There are a few that I have been working on lately. Every time I took a photos to post, I would just get more stitching done and the photo would be out of date! So I thought I would post have now!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Paprika Pi and Rebecca Wood

My sweet stitching friend, Joey Barnes, is the owner of the fabulous Paprika Pi.  I feel so privileged to know her and to be able to stitch with her.  Her creativity and kindness is apparent when you first meet her.    Paprika Pi has been at a few stitching events- Bluebonnet Studio, EGA seminar in Sugar Land, etc- but  the scissor fobs, magnets, etc are sold exclusively thru the Needleworks in Austin.  When I saw the dog house scissor fob, it called my name loudly.  So I pounced!  It came home to me along with this Rebecca Wood April Sheep  (this means I have: April, July, September, and October.)  

Paprika Pi's fobs are awesome.  Not too heavy or light.  And sturdy.