Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!!!!

I have made a lot of preparations for Christmas the past few weeks including ordering online all but 5 of my Christmas gifts.  Yay!  I also made sure to pick out something for me on JoAnn's website during their Black Friday specials.  

It's a Daylight stitching lamp and base!  I got it for 50% off.  I have seen these in all of the needlepoint stores that I go to, and always thought they were too much money for me to buy.  I did not anticipate buying a light any time soon, but the light in my apartment stinks for stitching.  I needed to do something and 50% off was too good to pass up!  I have used my lamp once so far and will not go back. 

This was Molly's present after her first day of doggie daycare!  I was more nervous about it that she- I cried when I dropped her off!!  How pathetic!  She had a great time and got a good treat- a beef tendon- afterwards.  

 My Christmas tree!  All decorated with my needlepoint ornaments!

One of my first Christmas pieces.  

This is Raymond Crawford's "Joy".  And my progress on the first pane.  I have more progress to show on this piece now because I have been working on this non-stop!  I really want to have this done before Christmas.  

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Returned from the finisher

I have had quite a few things return from the finisher.  Although is was pricey to send everything at once, I am really enjoying seeing everything in a final form.

Before I show you the pictures, I wanted to show you all the new Starbucks winter bear.  Isn't he cute??!!!  I have two Valentine's Bears and the same Starbucks bear from the first Starbucks in Seattle.  These bears are too sweet!

Here is my first finish!  The Pink Angel!  I got the black and white ribbon in France last year.  I love it.  There was acutaly a little debacle with the finishing and this is the second attempt with this pillow.  When I got the first version back, my ribbon was nowhere to be found and the pillow was finished in a black and white print.  It was not the cutest.  This looks much better.  I am so glad they found my ribbon and the extras are back with me.

A&M stocking ornament!  SEC!!

This is not a recent finish but rather one of my first pieces.  My grandma got the rocking horse piece from Merribee Needlearts near FM1960.  My grandma also picked out all wool threads, which is what she used when she needlepointed.  When she could not complete the piece because the holes were so small (18 count), I told her I would complete the piece.  I used some of her Paternayan wool, but used a lot of different threads and stitches, thanks to Carolyn.