Thursday, August 11, 2011

Finishes- more than half way through 2011

I forgot to mention in the last post that I got a new prairie schooler Christmas canvas in Lubbock at the Pocket Full of Stitches last Christmastime.  (So it was in 2010!) This year I have acquired: the santa's dog, ben franklin, louis, roll tide, Massachusetts, and love: 6 total!

I also wanted to give you all a Scottish Santa Update:

From a June 2010 post:

"I have written a list of all of the canvases that I have just to make myself accountable:

Pink Angel
Liz Basset Hound
Blue Rug
A&M stocking
Melissa shirley cardinal
Melissa shirley madonna
Marie Antoinette
Alabama A
October sheep
Melissa shirley scottish santa
Kelly Clark texas basket
Kelly Clark stitching santa
A&M santa
George and Martha
Liz Lab
Kelly Clark present topiary
Christmas lab round
St. Francis
Counted canvas heart
Chrismons- 2-3

I really want to have Joy, Alabama A, October Sheep, A&M stocking, and Pink Angel done by the end of the year."  

I have gotten a few canvases done plus the "Love" canvas- 4 total for the year!  Yikes!!  How pathetic!! Time to get those fingers flying!  My inflow is greater than my outflow!  At least it is almost equal.  

Monday, August 8, 2011

new canvases

Despite my no- new canvas challenge for 2011, I have acquired a few throughout the year.

At a Chaparral trunk show for Petei, I completed my Marie Antoinette with a Louis XVI.

He is very handsome!  A perfect complement to Marie

I aslo acquired a 5th figure for my patriotic set- Ben Franklin

Then in early February, I spotted in Dallas at the Needlepoint store on Lover's Lane, this &more canvas! I could not pass it up.  I have seen the Texas team canvases, but I thought it was so perfect for my dad that I had to buy it.  It was actually lying on a table like someone had picked it out to buy it and then did not.  I actually had to ask the couple standing near it if they had intended to buy it.  It was fate!

So far I have made  a lot (compared to how much stitching I have done over the past 8 months) progress.

My sister took a trip to Boston this summer, and brought me this lovely canvas!  I saw the price tag however, and I don't know if it's just me, but some canvases are getting outrageous.  This one was almost $200.  I have a hard time spending lots and lots of money on a canvas when it just seems so out of the ballpark price wise.  I feel like a lot of Melissa Shirley's are that way too.  Here is the canvas that I probably would not have purchased but it is very beautiful and I am glad that I have it.  I would not trade all of the thought and effort that she made to get this for the world.  I can't wait to start it.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Finally! A Finish!!!

The moment I have been waiting for... time to announce a FINISH!!!  I am so excited.  It's been a really long time.  I am really not sure why... maybe the fact that I haven't really gone to a lot of classes or that I like to needlepoint in front of the TV or that I have had to share a house with my parents.  All of those things I think.

This canvas came from a needlepoint themed Birthday party I went to in Austin at the Needleworks.  The birthday girl gave out goody bags with canvases from her stash!  

I am starting a new job this week.  I should be so thankful and I am, but I will definitely miss my co-workers at my old job and the job itself.  Hopefully, this will be a great opportunity.  It's very bittersweet.

I am going to Carolyn's class this weekend- hopefully both classes.  I really want to finish the Melissa Shirley Scottish Santa.  In the mean time, I purchased two *new* yet small Petei canvases.  I owe you all pictures in the next post.  And, I started the Roll Tide canvas I bought at Needlepoint store on Lover's Lane in Dallas.

And I leave you with a picture of a tired Molly.