Sunday, October 28, 2012

Candy Cane Finish

I finished the Candy Cane last week!!

I beaded the "Bama" and used Kreinik ribbon on the thin stripes. Patti Montgomery Phillip, who is a member of the Needlepoint group on Facebook, inspired me to turn this in and have it backed with houndstooth fabric!  I can't wait to see it!  I am not sure if any of you all do this, but I am REALLY bad about finishing a piece but not turning it in to have it finished in final, usable form. Along with my canvas challenge, I will start turning in one piece as soon as I get one back.  That should really help cut the stack down- pieces from 2009 are in the pile.  Yikes!

Along with the Aggie Santa, I have started this Melissa Shirley cardinal acorn.

For a canvas finishing update, I have finished the squirrel cracker, the Shih-tsu, one side of the feathers, and the candy cane.  In honor of finishing 3 pieces, I did buy one.  This is a Shivering Sheep 3-D pet house.  It says on the roof "in a perfect world, every home would have a pet and every pet would have a home."  

So now I have to finish two more before I can get another canvas.  This challenge is definitely making a dent into my stash, which is good.  Until next week!


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Silk Lame

Last week I pulled out all of the Fyre Works and changed the thread to SL08, which is a Silk Lame.  It is so much better.  It matches the painted canvas rather than being darker.  The smaller stripes are still in the Kreinik Ribbon, couched with Accentuate, and the white is stitched in Splendor.  "Bama" will be beaded.  I am hoping to finish this piece this week, but I am going to have a busy first two days with the Junior League- my placement and then a Prospective Member Open House.  Wednesday and Thursday nights, I will be in stitching class :)  I can't wait!

Last Wednesday, I started the Aggie Santa.  It actually went quite quickly.  

For now, I have put the Turkey aside, at least until I finish a few more small pieces.  This is my latest progress picture.  I actually messed up the beige feather to the right of the green feather, but I am going to keep it the way it is.  I really like it better.  

Until next time...

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Turkey and Candy Cane

The Turkey is almost done!  One side of feathers is complete!!  Now on to the last side and then I will finish the last 2 sides to the breast.

As a bit of a breather from the Turkey, the next project is a Candy Cane!  An Alabama one!  I really need to get more A&M pieces....

After looking at these pictures and the color of Fyre Werks that I used, I am not convinced that I like it well enough to continue.  I am thinking about changing to SL08, which is a Silk Lame that matches the red paint on the canvas more closely.  I will decide tonight and post pictures soon.

We decided on a new place to live... one floor up!  It has more natural light and we won't be on the first floor anymore.  We missed the Summer inventory because of the timing of our lease, so there were really slim picking with rental houses.  Next year, our lease will expire during the summer, so we will either buy a house or rent a house.