Friday, June 25, 2010

September Sheep Finish!

These finishes are coming quickly!!  Maybe it's the finishing sales going on at Chaparral until June 30th and Chandail until July 31st??  I am not sure, but I am flying through these canvases.  That is good because my stash is too big.  I am currently working on the Pink Angel, the Melissa Shirley Scottish Santa, and will start the October Sheep soon.  I really like the Sheep series by Rebecca Wood.  The canvases are too funny and sweet, and most of all, they work up really quickly. Here is my picture!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Progress on the September Sheep and GREAT NEWS!

This is my September Sheep!  I am almost done with the first part of the hourglass background.  I am doing one part in Gloriana and the other part in Burmilana.  Then I will complete the tent stitching around the letters and the letters themselves.  The fur on the sheep will be last. 

Now for my exciting news!!!!!   I am taking the Kelly Clark Texas basket class from the Needleworks in Austin!!!!  The class will be in mid-July, so I cannot wait!  A little under one month.  How exciting!!!  If you look at the Needleworks website, a picture of the canvas will be there.   I will definitely keep you all posted. 

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

All New

These are my new canvases that I have acquired recently.  I am and have always been a bit hesitant to acquire large amounts of canvases because I do not want to become someone who has a drawer or a suit case full of canvases that I will never get to stitch.  I love the pieces that I buy and would be really sad to waste the money and the space.  My canvas stash now is the largest it has ever been: Kelly Clark Angel, Kelly Clark topiary, October Sheep, rug, St. Francis, cardinal, Texas Santa, Lab, Basset Hound, Christmas Lab, Melissa Shirley Scottish Santa.  I think that is all and that is way to many!  I am declaring a moratorium on purchasing canvases.  Even though I really want to do the Texas boot club from the French Knot in Fort Worth.  I must do at least one or two of these before I buy something else.  With my new resolve, I can now tell you about the canvases pictured below (and my rationale for purchasing them!).

 This is a stash sale purchase from my local needlepoint guild (Lone Star):  I paid $6 for it.  What a deal!  I am still not sure how I would like to finish it though.  Maybe a box or a tray
This is my October Sheep.  He is soooo cute!!!  I have three out of 12 months from this Rebecca Wood series.  I love stitching these, even though my July Sheep gave me fits!  (I had to rip out the background three times because I miss counted!)



This next piece is a Patty Paint St. Francis.  I have had my eye on this one for a while at Chaparral, but I could never bring myself to purchase it partly because I did not have a lot of extra money last year for canvases.  Sooo last week when I was taking Carolyn's class on Saturday, I saw this in the sale room.  I snatched it up!!!  I love it!

Monday, June 14, 2010


I have finally taken pictures of the finishes that have been truly finished and those that are in the process.

Here is my "in the process" finish. My Scottish Santa!

Lots of Silk N' Ivory threads and a pom pom for his hat! I think he will be a stand-up as well to add to my mom's collection. The collection is seen here with the Kelly Clark Scottish Santa that I had finished into a box stand-up for Mother's Day this year and the Petei santa I finished for her a few years ago.

Bad fuzzy picture of the Kelly Clark Socttish santa, but this was the best I could get!

Pictured below is my name tag for the Lone Star chapter of the American Needlepoint Guild:

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Stitching Goals

I decided that because this was the half way point in 2010, I should check my progress on my New Year's stitching resolutions. Here they are again with the pieces completed italicized and bolded:

1) O Come canvas
2) Patty Paints George and Martha- a huge canvas!
3) Boy Schnauzer
4) one Kelly Clark piece- maybe the Noah's ark or my Texas Santa that I have in my stash
5) 2 Rebecca Wood Ornaments- 1 left (september sheep)
6) Liz/ Tapestry Tent Basset Hound- eBay canvas!
7) Melissa Shirley Cardinal (part of an 8 bird series she came out with a year or so ago)
8) 3-4 pieces of my choice- Patty Paints House, Mini Sock, Charleston Round, Scottish Santa

Everything is coming along well!! Almost half-way through my resolutions!

I also turned in a lot of finishing for the Chaparral's annual finishing sale. Hopefully that will come back in the next few months and I can post pictures.