Saturday, November 9, 2013

Day 1

Between my crazy days at work and everything in life, I completely forgot until last weekend that I had a Meredith Willet Canvas Enhancement class at the Needleworks in Austin this weekend.  Well, I'm glad I remembered!!  It's a two day class with the fabulous Meredith and her sweet personality and easy going teaching style. I've gotten lots of cute stitches and fibers and I've enjoyed shopping at the Needleworks!!  Here are a few pictures!! 

My canvas is "Snow Day" by Maggie. It's three labs dressed as jesters. It's cute and completely silly and fun. 

More photos tomorrow!  Off to bed!


  1. Wish I had known you were here. I would have stopped by. Next time!

  2. Ditto! I took her "Interlude" class the two days before your class. Isn't she terrific?