Friday, May 14, 2010


I have finished the Charleston round! This piece actually took a lot longer than I anticipated. I decided to take a week off of needlepoint in order to catch up on some reading, and then dive back into Charleston with a new outlook. I finished Founding Mothers by Cokie Roberts and started The Duchess by Amanda Foreman. If you can't tell, I am on a 18th century reading binge! I would highly recommend both books. Needlepoint wise, this took a long time because I kept changing the threads. The houses are done with Planet Earth 6 strand silk and Soy Luster. The sky is Watercolours, and the wheels of the carriage are the new DMC memory thread. I love how this turned out in the end, but all of the little pieces on this canvas made it take FOREVER. Needless to say, I was definitely ready to be done with this one.

Silver Needle

In other news, I got a full-time job in Houston! DH and I are making preparations to move back to Houston from SC.

I got some finishing back from the finisher- pictures to follow!


  1. Hi Casey, Nice job on the ornament! Love the way the carriage wheels look, can't wait to try the memory thread. Do you do your own finishing or send it out? Also do you stitch any additional stitches around the border for the finishing?


  2. Hi Cindy! Thank you for reading and commenting on my post! Thank you as well for the lovely compliments about my ornament. To answer your questions, I do send out my finishing. This will probably go to the Spinning Wheel in Houston. I, personally, am very wary on finishing things myself- I worked too hard to stitch it to have it become a hot mess! I do stitch some additional stitches around the border but not all the time. I am thinking about adding a few more by the left wheel so it does not get swallowed into the finished edge. I hope you have a great week!