Monday, May 24, 2010

One finish!

Hi! I had a canvas finish this week! I am with my DH and Molly in South Carolina, so I took up an old canvas. This canvas is part of the Designing Women chrismon series. A chrismon is a Christian symbol that is made into an ornament and hung on a tree. Sometimes chrismons are made out of beads, but this is a needlepoint one. I have done about 9 total, including this one, for my Christmas tree. There are about 100 in this series, so I buy about three at a time and have them all in a bag with the threads ready to go. These are the canvases I pick up whenever I have to go somewhere on short notice or take something small.

I am doing these canvases in pearle cotton and kreinik with tent stitches throughout. A piece in this series was one of the first pieces that I finished in my needlepoint career (started in the Spring of 2006). In order to honor that piece, remain consistent, and celebrate classic needlepoint, I decided to continue the whole tent stitch/pearle cotton throughout.

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