Friday, September 7, 2012

I have been bad... really bad :)

Well....just because I stopped stitching on everything but the Turkey, it did not mean that I stopped buying canvases!  So without further new acquisitions!

I think this is one of my favorite- the big pumpkins from Ewe and Eye.  I think I love the colors and the possibilities for stitches.  Maybe Tony has a stitch guide??

This is one of those dreaded eBay acquisitions, but I love it!  I know the shops hate eBay and my debit card can hate eBay, but one purchase every once in a while can't be so bad :).  This is another Ewe and Eye that I picked up for about $35.  What I plan to do with it is tent stitch the entire canvas and finish it as a knife edge pillow in navy.  I love the colors and I think tent stitch can be so beautiful.  

This is a Lilly Pulitzer like dress from Barbara Bergsten.  This will be a companion piece to my sister's reindeer sweater.  My sister had a Lilly Pulitzer themed graduation party with one of her friends, so I thought she would like this as a memento of her party.  

My sister is going to the University of Alabama this year, so when my parents went to Tuscaloosa for her orientation, I asked (begged?) for them to stop by Serendipity Needleworks.  They were kind enough to make the trip and this canvas, a Raymond Crawford exclusive to the shop, came home to live with me!  The next canvas did too.  

This canvas and the next are from the retiring Petei.  I bought these from Needle Nicely in Florida.  The Statue of Liberty will go well with the rest of the 4th of July Petei set that I have (George, Martha, Ben Franklin, and Uncle Sam) and the Queen Elizabeth will go well with Henry VIII and two of the six of his wives that I have.  I am really bummed about not having all of the wives, so I am looking for them on eBay.  

This is a cow canvas that had been hanging on the wall at Chaparral for such a long time.  It's kind of plain, and at first, I thought it was ugly.  Then I started thinking of the potential for great background stitches in the vast expanse of the sky and grass.  I have a stitch guide by Carolyn Baird, and I am very excited to start (and finish!) this cow!

The delicious threads!

This canvas is a Brenda Stofft, and it has been on my "must-acquire" list for a year or so after I saw it at a previous trunk show.  Chandail was having a Brenda Stofft trunk show, so I could not pass this up.

My latest purchase- a Melissa Shirley Witch. This came from Chandail's 25% off Labor Day Sale.  This canvas was another one that I have had my eye on for a while, so it is nice to add it to my stash.

There have been a few more small acquisitions that I have to show you all, but I think I am going to accept a modified version of Stephanie's challenge.  I feel like I am wasting money by having all of these beautiful canvases just sitting there waiting to be stitched, so in the next post or two, I will write a list of all that I have.  Then I will have to complete 6 projects (most of my canvases are small-ish) before I can buy 2.  Really a 3:1 ratio.  Things will not grow as quickly, which will be good!


  1. I think the Giant Pumpkins is probably my most favorite of Ewe and Eye. I heard that Queen Ann Stitches in California has a beautiful stitch guide for this one. Linda Lupiani of NYStitchingSisters, bought it.

    1. Thank you Diane! I will look into it!

  2. I don't know how I have missed your blog for the last few weeks. Menopause brain is my only excuse. Woohoo for the challenge. I must say it has done wonders for me. My finished list is finally longer than my to stitch list. You go, girl!