Sunday, September 9, 2012


Every once in a while, I have to keep myself honest and post a list of canvases that I have.  I like to do this in order to make stitching goals/new year's resolutions and to show myself that I do NOT need to be purchasing any more canvases.  I mentioned in my last post that I would like to do a challenge similar to Stephanie's where I completed 6 canvases and buy 2.

Queen Elizabeth
Statue of Liberty
Liz Basset Hound
Blue Rug
Melissa Shirley cardinal
Melissa Shirley Madonna
Marie Antoinette
Louis XVI
Kelly Clark Texas basket
Kelly Clark stitching Santa
A&M Santa
George and Martha
Liz Lab
Kelly Clark present topiary
Christmas lab round- 2
Roll Tide Round
Bama Girl
Lilly Dress
Ewe and Eye Coral Lady
KS Dog Bone
Deux Amis wedding rings
Ewe and Eye Big Pumpkins
DJ Designs Blue Lab
DJ Designs Yellow Lab
Bama Candy Cane
Rebecca Wood Stocking
Stitch-its Lab Sweater
KS Washington DC ornament
Melissa Shirley Acorn
Melissa Shirley Witch
Cooper Oaks Lab
Black and White Cow
Chrismons- 2-3
Massachusetts Scene
Ben Franklin
Santa's Favorite Dog
Prairie Schooler

I donated two of my previous canvases: the Easter Rabbit and the Counted Canvas Heart.

42 canvases total.  sooooo.... on my quest to finish 6, I have completed the Melissa Shirley squirrel cracker and the DJ Designs shih tzu.  

I am currently working on the Turkey, Cooper Oaks Lab, Bama Candy Cane, and the DJ Designs Yellow Lab.  I think I will swap one of these out with the A&M Santa for football games.  :)  Back to stitching!

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