Thursday, November 15, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

I LOVE the holiday season!  No matter which holiday you celebrate, joy is in the air.   I love going Christmas shopping (full disclaimer- I actually do 99% of my shopping online so I usually only have to go to the mall once per holiday season) and I love Christmas needlepoint.  This year, I finished the Cardinal Acorn rather quickly.

The pine cones are actually held on by bobby pins!  Yikes!!  I am going to see Carolyn tomorrow and will get actual clips to hold them in place.

And then I moved on to a piece I had in my stash from a few years ago.  It's Kelly Clark's Present Topiary.  The red is a Planet Earth silk- three strands.  Honestly, I got about this far and lost my needlepoint mojo.  I need to get it back.  

The reason why I lost my drive is two fold: the time change and a weekend trip.  I know it sounds silly that the time change can affect someone so much, but it's really thrown off my rhythm this year.  I normally run after work, but now after work, it's getting dark.  Luckily my office has a gym, so I change at the gym and go run on the sidewalks.  I've gotten about 3.5 miles in on one run, which is good.  I am glad that the shortest day is actually December 21st.  All the days get longer after that.  I am definitely a daylight person!!!  This weekend I didn't blog or stitch because I was visiting Tuscaloosa, Alabama for the A&M v. Alabama game.  Whoop!!  I had soooo much fun with my dad and sister.  We stayed with my dad's friend and saw my sister as much as possible.  I couldn't pass up a trip to Serendipity Needleworks and these lovely canvases.  

They are both Kathy Schenkel designs.  

The canvas selection at Serendipity was out of this world!  Loved it!!  Lots of Melissa Shirley, school canvases, and Raymond Crawford.  The threads were mostly knitting yarns with some Bella Lusso, floss, and Vineyard silk.  I keep getting disappointed with the thread selections outside of Texas, but from the stores I have seen outside of Texas, I would put this one up there with It's a Stitch of Charleston.  Definitely worth the trip!  I can't wait to go back.  


  1. I have felt thrown off my mojo, too. We need to make a concerted effort to get back to it!

  2. I love the acorn so much! Great job!