Thursday, January 17, 2013

2013 Prospect Review

So I started the New Year by cleaning out my craft room (really re-organizing and dusting), and I have to admit, it was really nice to "go shopping" in my own "store".  I have soooo many canvases, after a good heart to heart with myself (during which I acknowledged that I really didn't keep to the finish 3/buy 1 rule), it's probably best that make every other year a "no canvas buying year" and just keep reducing my stash so I can add new ones during even numbered years.

Here is the list of canvases at the start of this year:

John Johansenn Madonna and Bear
KS Alabama mini stocking
KS dog and squirrel bone
KS Santa Face
KS Bama sign
KS Christmas Mini Sock
KS Washington DC Ornament
Melissa Shirley witch
Melissa Shirley November and October Angels

Mary Lake Thompson Lab Stocking
Melissa Shirley Cardinal
DJ Designs lab and ball
DJ Deisgns Black Lab
Liz Christmas Bear
Liz Bunnies and Berries
Liz Basset Hound
Liz Round Lab
Liz Seated Lab
Brenda Stofft Dutch Bunny
Ewe and Eye Pumpkins
Ewe and Eye Coral Lady
Massachusettes Scene
Rebecca Wood Stocking
Raymond Crawford Bama Girl
Stitch Its Lab Sweater
Stitch Its Christmas Carols (2)
Petei Marie Antoinette and Louis,
Petei Ben Franklin and Statute of Liberty
Petei Elizabeth 1, Henry VIII, Katherine of Aragon, Anne Boyelyn, and Katherine Parr

Petei Nativity
Petei Christmas Plants
Kelly Clark Texas Basket
Kelly Clark Texas Santa
Kelly Clark Present Topiary
Patty Paints George and Martha
Cooper Oaks Labrador Inn
Sew Much Fun Turkey
Painted Pony A&M Angel
Painted Pony DZ Angel
Barbara Bergnesten Lilly Dress
Annie and Company Lab Ornaments (2)
Deux Amies Wedding Sampler
Shivering Sheep 3D house
Black and White Cow
Elizabeth Turner Blue Rug (small)
Needle Graphics Roll Tide

As you can see this list is HUGE.  However, in my defense, the Mary Lake Thompson Lab Stocking, the Ewe and Eye Coral Lady, Melissa Shirley November Angel, and the Liz Bunnies and Berries came off of Ebay for about $35-50 each.  Also the Kathy Schenkel Santa Face, Petei Nativity, Melissa Shirley October Angel, and Petei Christmas plants came from an estate sale this year.

My two exceptions to my no canvas buying rule are the remaining 3 wives of Henry VIII and completing a series (Rebecca Wood Sheep of the Month and Melissa Shirley Angels of the Month).  I have been hunting Ebay for those for about 6 months so far for those wives.

Next up.... my goals!


  1. Wow! And I thought I had a lot of canvases! Of course, if we start listing charts, that's another story.

  2. You need no defense for me! I saw Anne of Cleves on eBay yesterday. What a great collection of canvases.

  3. i'm in the same boat too your stash! and ditto with steph on the anne of cleves

  4. Replies
    1. I did :) For more than I should have paid, so my husband will never know!

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