Sunday, March 3, 2013

Alabama Stocking Finish

I have several progress pictures and a finish!  I have been really wanting to finish waaayyy more than I have been, even though my average is one a month, so I think I have have a case of startitis thinking that the more I start, the faster I will get something done.  It makes no sense, but I am going with the flow.

This is the blue rug that I am going to turn into a box top.  Most of the background is done, and I picked up more wool for the brighter blue and red sections.  I had a Planet Earth silk, but I think it will look better all in wool.


It looks a little warped, but the canvas was when I bought it.  I think it will turn out fine.  

On a trip to the Container Store, I spotted this cutie and realized that it was the solution to my problem.  My dog will jump on the couch, one place where I keep my sharp tools, and her tail is coffee table height, another place where I keep my tools.  In both cases, she could knock down sharp scissors or laying tools and step on them or have them land on her.  This box closes tightly and keeps that from happening.  If she knocks this box over, I will not be so worried that she will hurt herself.  Win-win and worth the $1 and change.  :) 

Have a good rest of the weekend!


  1. Very cute stocking (it'll look fine when finished) and clever tool solution to having a rambunctious dog. So what's next to be stitched?