Sunday, March 17, 2013

March Finish

Because I have been stitching small pieces, progress is coming quickly.  This is my Aggie Angel a little bit ago.

And this is my Aggie Angel now!  My March Finish!!

Here is a picture of both the Alabama and Aggie Angels 

I used Miyuki beads on the Aggie Angel, and I love the result.  The beads are made to be the same size, so everything is even and lines up.  Look at the difference- crazy!  I have been converted!

This is one other piece I'm working on: Carol Dupree's Fat Santa.  Progress has been rapid on this one too.  Here he is last week. 

And here he is now!

I'm also still working on the Labrador Inn.  Progress is slow because it's such a big piece.  Pictured here  are the fake bouillon knots for the stems. 

Progress on the Lab body. 

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