Friday, September 30, 2011

Internet is back and so is my Stitching Mojo!!!

DH and I moved into a new apartment and finally got internet!  We decided to use ATT's UVerse service, which has been amazing, but it took almost 4 weeks for a technician to arrive to install any equipment!  Since the last time I wrote, DH and I both got new jobs.  We are very lucky that even in this bleak economy, we are both employed in positions we love.  Because I no longer live with my mom and dad and  now have my own place with DH and Molly, my stitching mojo has returned!!!  I think mostly because I am not going to Dallas any more on the weekends and I have my own shows on my own TV!!!

I FINALLY (with much emphasis) finished the Melissa Shirley Scottish Santa!!!  Much relief to be had!  It seemed like that piece was growing!  I don't think it helped that is was in my UFO pile and I had been working on it since July 2010.  Yuck!  Here is a picture of the finished product.  

I have also made substantial progress on my Roll Tide canvas that I bought in Dallas.  I am trying to finish soon because A&M went to the SEC and I cannot be needlepointing a canvas for a school that is direct competition!  

A close up of the stitches is below.  I am not sure of the names of the stitches but they are covering the canvas well and are a lot of fun to do.

I went shopping at Macy's the other day during, and they had a HUGE sale going on.  I got a new set of Hotel collection towels- white of course- and a Christmas gift for my sister.  She is getting some portmerion mugs- originally $40 but I got them for $25.  How awesome!  I will get her some tea and a tea pot to go with it for college.  Also significant is that the mugs have a picture of Daisies on them.  Daisy is my mom and dad's basset hound!  How perfect!  

I leave you all with a picture of Molly.  She has her vet appointment in two weeks- hopefully it will go well!

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