Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Finish! and an almost finish!


While I have been absent, I have been diligently been working and stitching! I told you all about my Olympics of stitching event that coencided with the actual, wonderful, Olypmic games in Vancouver. Because of this, I got really far on my Kathy Schenkel mini sock AND I finished my boy Schnauzer, my ebay Barbara Russell canvas!!!!

This is the progress on my mini sock:

I also, figured out what I am going to to about Marie's skirt hem, but that will have to be another post.

I decided that because this was the beginning of the month, I wanted to check up on my New Year's stitching resolutions. Here they are again with the pieces completed italicized:

1) O Come canvas
2) Patty Paints George and Martha- a huge canvas!
3) Boy Schnauzer
4) one Kelly Clark piece- maybe the Noah's ark or my Texas Santa that I have in my stash
5) 2 Rebecca Wood Ornaments
6) Liz/ Tapestry Tent Basset Hound- eBay canvas!
7) Melissa Shirley Cardinal (part of an 8 bird series she came out with a year or so ago)

Marie and the mini sock are not on here, so I think it's time that I made a free stitch resolution. (I can do that right, update my new year's resolutions in March??)

8) 3-4 pieces of my choice

Also, along with finishing Maire and the mini sock, I wanted to tackle resolution #4, a Kelly Clark piece. I purchased this Texas Stitching Santa from the Needlehouse in Houston about a year ago. It is a Kelly Clark exclusive to the Needlehouse. I am really excited because I saw on Colleen Church's blog (the owner of the Needleworks in Austin) that Kelly would be coming ot her new store in July to teach a Texas basket whose border and theme matches my stitching santa. I must admit, that the possibility of taking this class really excites me and gives me a lttile push to start and finish my Texas Santa. Here is a picture of the stitching santa.

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